Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reading Lately....

So, this is one of the books my daughter and I read together and I have to say that Scholastic has a winner with this one in the tween set. Orphans Dan and Amy Cahill are in a race with the rest of their extended family to find the secret to the "family treasure". We loved roaming all over America and Paris with the duo. Lots of action for kids and edge of your seat kind of suspense. I personally loved the fact that Dan and Amy took their babysitter with them so they technically wouldn't be without an adult on their travels. While this one was done by Rick Riordan, the next one, due out on Dec. 2, is written by Gordon Korman, a perennial favorite of mine.

We also read this one together and it got the 8 year-old interested in historical fiction, which has also been a favorite of mine. Though there was lots of gore and death, it seemed the extreme realism didn't bother her enough not to pick up another Dear America book right away for her Historical Fiction book project.

I am re-reading The Boy in Striped Pajamas because the movie is coming out soon and also because I'm writing a district unit for our historical fiction genre study.

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