Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tomie DePaola Strikes Gold Again

Does Tomie dePaola ever write a bad book? I have loved his writing for decades now! I even used his books when I taught preschool, eons ago. This book also does not disappoint. When I saw him speak at NCTE this year, he mentioned this book (it's in my notes) and said he did the art as a collage with avery labels and prismacolor markers. What a beautiful result! The book covers the actual song of St. Francis in a shortened version for children. But, the pictures- they are clean and bright, almost giving the birds and St. Francis an illuminated quality. Sun and moon follow with their ethereal qualities. I may be biased because I love this author and St. Francis, but this is a real treasure for my family.

I also love the fact that dePaola dedicated the book to a Benedictine nun at an east coast Abbey (my Oblate status). Sometimes I think that Mr. de and I share a lot in common. He's really the "santa claus-y" kind of guy you want to sit down and enjoy a
good meal with. Happy reading all!

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