Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zombie Blondes- First student post!

I've been meaning to post a student review for a long time now but haven't had anyone offer it up. However, my 8th graders did science fiction book reviews for a final draft and I had to ask to print this one. I love the language this young woman uses and her voice comes through so well in this piece. So, without further ado, here is "Debbie" debuting in her first book review:

Zombie Blondes by Brian James

Zombies? Blondies? Do explain. Don't worry, that's just what I'm here to do. Hannah, who recently moved, is the daughter of an on-the-run-sheriff.
Hannah and her father were forced to run away from police who were angry at Hannah's father for snitching on some of their misdoings. She arrives at an eerie town that seems to have a tad bit too many houses up for sale. People all seem to be of the same pale, bloodless complexion. People disappear almost every couple days yet nobody seems to notice. Or is it that they don't care of that they already know?

Meanwhile, Hannah is repeatedly warned by her friend Lukas at school. He says the people of the town aren't normal, that they kill and transform them into one of their kind. Hannah is determined Lukas is merely trying to scare her off from trying to join the popular girls, a group of blondes with blue eyes snipped to perfection. Hannah chooses to join them: their clique as well as the cheerleading squad. Lord, does she know she's about to be skinned and have the living life drained out of the and bottled up to feed the cyborgs (blondies?).

Right at the precise moment Lukas decide to show up and save Hannah. They run and hide in a secure areas. to their dismay the blondies, as well as the rest of the cyborg town, decide to follow the head cheerleader Maggie like zombies and seek them out. Lukas ends up sacrificing himself to let Hannah get away. Dramatic, huh? I know, sort of like a deranged/vampiristic/robotic/love story.

The reason why Zombie Blondes falls under science fiction is because it's cyborg infused with a hint of a futuristic feeling. though the plot doesn't take place in the future, it's got a kick of cyberpunk and of course, robots.

I hereby present Zombie Blondes with a nearly full rating of 9/10. Why? The book is easy going and never fails to interest you. It's a page turner and a sleep loser. many books start losing flavor after the first hundred or so bites but this one was full of action and never once became dull. If you're around my age or a tad bit older, this book just may be for you, Gender-wise, I'd say its gender neutral. It's got the creepy, action packed scenarios for the fellas as well as a romantic side for the ladies. Age is nothing but a number. You could be quite young with a high level of understanding and tolerance for the creepy, graphic images the author tended to paint in the reader's mind. Or is it just me? It's kid friendly without being too babyish and romantic without being nasty. Balanced? Indeed. Lovable? As intended. Best of all, it's fresh out of the printers (well, 2008). Quick, go get a copy.


The Book Chook said...

Well done, Debbie. I enjoyed your review. I liked the way you told me heaps about the book, but also made your review entertaining in its own right. I would not normally want to read a book about zombies, but this one sounds strangely compelling!

Brian James said...

Very well done!

I'm glad your student like my book. She got out of it exactly what I intended.

I hope you gave her an A ;)

Brian James
(author of Zombie Blondes)