Thursday, April 23, 2009

Read Alouds-

I've mentioned before how much I think read alouds are essential for kids of all ages, and my daughter (9) and I have embarked on another series, and her interest shows me she's entering her Tween years. We listened to The Wedding Planner's Daughter by Colleen Murtagh Paratore and fell in love with Willa (Willafred). Her perfectionist mother planned incredible weddings, but Willa really wanted a father (hers died before she was even born). The details of the houses and scenery on Cape Cod really lured me in since I'm such a sucker for cottages. And, Willa LOVES books! Each volume in the series comes with a "Willa's Picks" at the back of great books she's read throughout the novel. As Willa tries to grow up, get her mother married to Willa's English teacher, negotiate her love of books and the Cape, and snag the crush of her dreams, you are transported to this beautiful world of beaches, books and taffy (Grandma owns a candy store). We read Cupid Chronicles after the first one and we're now onto Willa by Heart (again in page form).

Abby and I have loved each one of these novels, but I have a marketing observation. I never picked these up because they looked too young for my 8th grade girls. But, they're not! I truly think they need more sophisticated covers as the ones the have don't seem to portray the depth that's actually in the novels. In Willa by Heart, Willa is reading novels like Wuthering Heights and Walden! I just think the covers could be reworked to attract a more mature reader.


mikec said...

I think most of us judge books by their covers. Some of us are just able to get over a bad cover and read the book anyway.

I spoke to a couple of 5th grade parents at orientation about continuing to read aloud to their child. They have recently just started again. The parent noticed the child wasn't using inflection when they read aloud and that reading aloud would be helpful. It was a great conversation.

Jen W. said...

You're right, Mike. It's the one thing parents can do easily that can make such a huge difference! ~Jennifer