Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's On Your Nightstand?

I should do this link more often. But, since I'm on "vacation" this week, I will join in. On my nightstand are the following books:

Deeper Reading by Kelly Gallagher
The new Jim Burke book (can't remember the title and I'm in Florida)
The Help (on audio ipod)
There are more but since I'm not on my own bed and not next to my own nightstand I will add the rest on the weekend.


Mr. Burke said...

What's the Big Idea? by Jim Burke! Being on your nightstand is a great honor!

Carrie said...

The Help is a favorite of so many. I speculate you'll be enjoying it, eh? Thanks for playing along - even though you are on vacation!

Jen W. said...

Sorry I forgot the title! It's an honor having you in my "bag" in Florida (on vacation) and commenting on my blog!