Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Okay. Just about everyone has weighed in on this long awaited finale, so I'll keep this short and sweet.

I LOVE SUZANNE COLLINS. okay- that's enough.

No, really....this book definitely portrayed a slightly different mood than the others, but it should have. I loved the interplay between characters but found the ending leaving me with a desire to re-read the novel and digest it a bit more. After all, I ate it in GULPS! Couldn't seem to get through it fast enough.

As a school novel, I think Collins offers teachers a plethora of thematic topics to discuss: war, imperialism, bravery, choices, death- whether it's justified or not, survival. The whole trilogy is rich in themes that either affect students now or will in the future. I'm so curious to see what the students think, but I won't be able to ask them until next week!

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Mrs. Daniel said...

I completely agree. I was satisfied with the conclusion, but I know I'll pick up other things on the re-read. I have to confess, I was struck by the "psychological" violence in this novel more strongly than in the first two books. Perhaps this comes from my perspective as an adult and one with an undergraduate degree in psychology.

I loved that the novel ends with a consideration of the consequences of the fight for independence and there is not a real "Happily Ever After" ending which would have made me crazy.