Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All Gone?

Well, my oldest made her First Communion last Saturday and looked gorgeous. There's something about an 8 year-old in a white dress and veil that makes a mother's heart stop for a second and want to slow life down. A party with lots of relatives rounded out our day, even though my twin son was contagious (?) with some crazy virus....Then, later, as twin son was in the bathtub for, I'm not kidding about 7 minutes, his twin sister came in with a HUGE smile of pride on her face. I looked up to see the hem of her pink skirt in shreds- she found the scissors. Then....I looked up to see HALF (I'm not JOKING- HALF) of her long hair gone. Two lovely HUGE chunks from either side. My husband decided eventually that it looked like her own version of a mullet. Her smile faded as she studied my face more carefully. Slowly I walked to her room to find the pieces of her once gorgeous golden hair. I scooped them up like a newborn kitten and deposited them into the top of a shoe box. I think maybe I'll bag it up and keep it for her wedding day. I know, I know, kids do this all the time, but after all of the chaos of the weekend, YIKES! I shuffled her off to "the haircut store" (as she called it) to get it "fixed" and she ended up with the cutest little pixie cut I've ever seen. Thanks, Kristi! It's a good thing she's completely adorable or she wouldn't be able to pull it off!

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