Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Sells Out

Today, in a last minute frantic rush to get everything done, I realized we hadn't gone to see Santa yet. So, I packed up snacks, braved the new 2" of snow and set out for the mall. I have to say that I am proud of the fact that this was my first trip to the mall this season. However, when I got to the Santa line, I read a sign that said something to the effect of: "You can take pictures with your own camera, but we require a minimum picture purchase." WHAT?! I can't take my own freakin' pictures! Oh, but Ma'am, you can, you just have to buy our 4x6 picture for $15.00!!!!!!! Now, I'm usually not such a scrooge, but this just seemed like milking the public who is already strapped this season. I wanted to punch Santa's Little Helper in the nose! Okay. I feel better now. I didn't punch him in the nose.

What I did do is this. I took pictures of my kids everywhere in the whole Santa Menagerie except with him. I even took a solo picture of Santa! Maybe I can airbrush the kids in later? Merry Christmas!

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