Sunday, May 24, 2009

Katniss Everdeen Rules as the Mockingjay!

I won't repost the cover since it's on the previous entry, but I just closed the cover of the ARC for Catching Fire (Book #2 in The Hunger Games series) Hmm...perhaps I should wait to let the book sink in a bit but I also don't want to have any spoilers in this particular post.

Actually, I took out any plot parts due to the fact that Scholastic would like to have no spoilers so everyone can enjoy the book when it comes out in Sept.

I thought I loved Gregor the Overlander (Collins' last series), but this one has me mesmerized. I have found myself sneaking up to my reading chair in my room to lose myself in Katniss, Peeta, Gale, their decisions and the outcomes. Collins has wowed me once again (this is the 7th time now) with her ability to create not just a riveting plot, but characters who follow me through my days (and nights-they're in my dreams!). Also, I love the fact that Katniss is a feisty, strong willed young woman who is challenging the authority of her whole world. And, yet, she still has the emotion to be torn between two men she loves. What a great way to spend my Memorial Day weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Was googling to find out some reader reactions to Catching Fire and found your blog. I'm very curious as to how the love triangle develops (as a Kat/Gale fan). Without spoiling it, would you say Gale has a larger presence in this book (I hope) despite that Kat is on a traveling tour and he presumably is home in the district? I'm curious as to whether it's a true triangle or more like Twilight (where you never ever thought she'd choose Jacob really.) Thanks!