Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's In My Shoebox

I read a really interesting post this morning from Carly H. at InkSplot. She picked up a used book called I Wanna Be Your Shoebox by Christina Garcia. Then, Carly went on to list 10 items in a shoebox that would represent her. This idea is somewhat like what I did with 7th graders last year when they filled a paper bag with items that represented them. I, too, want to try my hand at this- In my shoebox, there would be:

*small replica of a house because being a mom and wife is the most important thing in my life! Our house represents who we are and where our kids can feel safe.

*cake pan (to represent my love of baking!)

*packet of seeds (to represent my love of gardening)

*diet coke (like Carly, can't go a day without it. How sad :)

*angel statue (I have always felt connected to my angels and know they watch over me everyday)

*The Giver by Lois Lowry (one of the quintessential books, I think, that talks to kids about what it means to be individual and human. Begs the question: just because we can, should we?)

*St. Benedict medal (for those who know me, this is self-explanatory)

*chocolate (my drug of choice)

*notebook (to represent my love of writing- though you wouldn't know it by the blog entries- one a week in summer? sheesh!)

*ipod (how else will I listen to my coveted audiobooks?)

What's in your shoebox?

And, Happy Birthday to my grandfather who died three months before the first child in our family was born (my oldest). He would have been.....81 today. Love you Gramps!

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