Thursday, December 10, 2009

Savvy- By Ingrid Law

Mississippi Beaumont (known to her family as Mibs) is about to turn 13 and that’s when the members of her family find out their savvy or secret power. Her brother, Rocket, can create electricity, her brother Fish can conjure storms and hurricanes, her grandfather can move the earth in the form of quakes and her mother is perfect in everything she does. However, just before her birthday, Mibs’ dad is in a huge accident on the freeway and is in a coma in a hospital quite far away. Mibs’ mom and brother Rocket go immediately to tend to her father while the rest of the 5 children in the family stay with the pastor’s family.
On the morning of her 13th birthday Mibs seems to have the ability to wake people and thus she believes this is her savvy. At an impromptu birthday party thrown for her, Mibs leaves and states she is leaving for the hospital. Perhaps she can wake her father as well. She sneaks aboard the bus of the bible selling man followed by an entourage of her two younger brothers and a brother/sister pair who are the children of the pastor and his wife.
This unusual assortment of characters continues on their bus adventures while trying to reach Mibs’ father at the hospital. Along the way Mibs’ discovers that her savvy is actually related to ink. The tattoos of those around her actually come alive and talk- telling Mibs exactly what the person is thinking or feeling. In addition, Mibs can hear the ink drawn on anyone’s hand which creates quite a cacophony at certain times in the novel, but eventually ends up helping her in various ways.
Savvy is a sweet, feel-good kind of novel with honest and touching characters making some rather large discoveries about themselves. And, it’s not just the teens in the novel who have these flashes of self-realization

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