Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wake by Lisa McCann- First in a trilogy

Janie is haunted by other people’s dreams. She is mysteriously drawn into the crazy and mundane dreams of her high school classmates like being naked at a football game. No one else knows of her ability because she doesn’t know how she would explain it. But, all of a sudden she is drawn into a haunting and gruesome dream that involves a man with knives for fingers. Then enters Cabel who has been transformed over the summer into “superhotguy”. He and Janie are instantly attracted to each other and share a very rocky relationship throughout the novel. Cabel has a secret, however. He also can enter the dreams of other people. And, he has a secret job Janie doesn’t know about or understand until the end of the novel. Janie’s alcoholic mother is all but absent so this novel is about adolescents on their own. After a party where many people get arrested for drug use- including Cabel- Janie puts the pieces of her dreams and her relationship back together.
This novel will appeal to reluctant readers because it is fast paced and a quick read. Janie is a very realistic character and her budding romance with Cabel will appeal to teens. This is the first in a trilogy- 2nd book Fade was out Feb, 2009 and Feb. 2010 Gone will be published.

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