Thursday, August 5, 2010


I guess I've let the days get away from me. I am reading many, many books and not finishing many because it's summer and I'm reading whatever strikes my fancy at any time. Plus, the kiddos have kept me quite busy.

I did finish Jumping Off Swings by Jo Knowles and loved it. The messages weren't preachy and I loved how it showed the main character taking responsibility for her actions. I thought the emotions of the males were especially well written and that this novel will resonate well with both female and male readers.

Last night I devoured one of Carlos Luis Zafon's early books, which happens to be a YA novel. The Prince of Mist had me from page one and didn't stop both surprising me and creeping me out! The middle schoolers will LOVE this one! Although I got it from the public library, I will definitely put it on my bookshelf (my own copy, of course) in the fall. BTW, I LOVED The Shadow of the Wind by Zafon also.

Here is what else I'm working on finishing:

The Explosive Child by Ross Green, MD
Play by Stuart Brown, MD
Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne (Aussie)
Seven Storey Mountain by Thomas Merton
39 Clues- Viper's Nest by Gordon Korman
Sorta Like A Rock Star by Matthew Quick

And...loads of ARCs!

And...I'm doing this!

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