Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Post NYC

After a week in New York visiting my sister and taking my friend around the city, I am back to blogging. I just finished (because I couldn't stop reading it) SORTA LIKE A ROCK STAR by Matthew Quick. I love, love, LOVE Amber Appleton and think kids could learn so much from her. In a world where everyone seems to be out for themselves, Amber offers kindness, generosity and hope despite her setbacks. Amber lives in "Hello Yellow", the school bus her mother drives, with said alcoholic mother. Hence, no $ for an apt. Despite the conditions of her life, Amber spreads love and joy all around her- and she brightens the days of everyone she meets. Her spunk and energy are contagious! Mid-novel Amber falls into a deep depression after a serious blow in her life. Yet, her friends come to her rescue in a conclusion that I dare you to keep a dry eye for. I couldn't see the page through the tears. What a fabulous, quirky character, in actions as well as speech! This one was sort of off my radar, but my friend Jennifer told me it was a "must read." Was she ever right!

Also listened to a classic Nancy Drew (The Bungalow Mystery) on the way to Indiana for a funeral. I love these books even though they are a bit corny at times. That Nancy sure is a good dresser! I'd forgotten how great Keene was at describing Nancy's outfits. And, there is no peer to Carolyn Keene's "grabber" scenes at the beginning. There is always adventure to keep the reader interested.

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