Saturday, August 20, 2011


GLIMPSE by Carol Lynch Williams was a fast and astounding read. Told in verse, this is the story of two sisters and their mother, all of whom are dealing with the death of their father. Mom decides to take the very low road and become a prostitute; Hope, the narrator, is trying to find herself as well as friends and adults she can trust; and Lizzie, Hope's one-year-older sister, tries to commit suicide and is hospitalized in the psych ward at the local hospital. The poetry is sparse and stunning, a great accompaniment to the suspenseful plot and slow realization on the part of the reader and the narrator as to what is actually wrong with Lizzie. Hope cannot understand why her sister would attempt to kill herself and she is on a quest to figure it out. What she discovers will alter her life forever, as well as question the adults who surround her.

More soon...I just received a box of picture books and non-fiction from Chronicle Books. Thanks!

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