Tuesday, November 24, 2009


ALAN is always a fantastic conference, but I think I came away with even more books this year! I just finished Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott, which I can't believe I never read. What a haunting novel!

"Alice" aka Kyla is abducted at 10 years old from a zoo field trip by Ray. He has kept her at his apartment and "loves" her like a "daughter" for five years and Alice's disappearance is never solved. Kyla is also replacing the "last Alice" who Ray killed when she got to old for his liking. Now, Ray is on the lookout to replace "Alice" with a new younger version. This novel left a horrid feeling in the pit of my stomach, probably because I have an almost 10 year-old daughter. The writing is passionate and real with a speed to the prose at the end that is reminiscent of LH Anderson's Wintergirls. A departure from her romantic realism, Elizabeth Scott has done a phenomenal job of creating these characters and lingering setting. Ray is one of those horrific characters who will make all mothers of young girls lock their doors tightly!
I am now settled in NYC for the long weekend after finishing ALAN today and I have a load of novels to keep me busy on the long drive home Sunday. Happy 94th Birthday, Grandma!

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