Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day #2- NCTE

What a whirlwind today. Woke up late and was late for hearing Laurie Halse Anderson. I tried to get in later, but there was a crowd out the door. I will hear her during ALAN as well. So, I went to listen to Penny Kittle who was absolutely inspiring in showing the audience the persuasive videos her students had done. I can't wait to try them with kids at home. Next came The Sisters with their explanation of their CAFE system of literacy. Very overwhelming for me but they were immensely entertaining. Jeff Kinney kept me in stitches explaining how he came to write the Wimpy Kid series. Next I went to help the awesome Jeff Kass during his "Wrestle The Great Fear" performance where I did a very mediocre job of being a "techie".

Kelly Gallagher, who apparently everyone wanted to see, was wedged into a room three sizes too small for the number of people who wanted to see him. Thus, I went to Middle Mosaic for the full time where I met Michael Scott, Becca Fitzpatrick and Daniel Kirk (Yeah! Library Mouse!). For the second time in my life I also got to see and hear Nancie Atwell in person which is always a treat. She is a gracious and poised force to be reckoned with if you are an NYT writer trying to berate choice in Reading Workshop. Thank goodness we have voices like Nancie Atwell to speak for those of us who know Reading Workshop and choice are the way to teach.

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