Monday, April 5, 2010

Glee Music Brings Good Moods

I woke up in an unusually rotten mood yesterday. I know! On Easter morning of all times- I was nasty even during church on the highest holiday, my sister and her family were coming over and I knew I needed to do something fast, PMS or not. You'll never believe what worked! Of course, I can because it's a throwback to when I was a teenager. Usually some exercise, reading and a nap can bring me out of a pms-ing funk, but I didn't have that kind of time yesterday as my sister and her family were arriving at 2 p.m. So, I took a short walk (ala The Spark, which I'll discuss in a later post when I finish it on my Kindle) and downloaded the GLEE cd from itunes. I've loved this show since Daria Plumb and Teri Lesesne talked it up at NCTE during our presentation this year. If you love 70's and 80's music (read: JOURNEY!) then you can't miss this. And, it will be back on tv next week! YEAH! The voices are incredible and the plots are riveting. A pregnant cheerleader who can sing? How can you pass it up? You have to see the football team singing Beyonce's "Single Ladies" on the football field during a game. You can find it on You Tube.

Anyway, after listening to the cast version of "Don't Stop Believing" a couple of thousand times and dancing my heart out in the kitchen (which my kids found downright hilarious) I was flying! No wine necessary :). So, here we are on our first day of Spring Break with the sun shining in a perfectly blue sky....and I'm still listening to the CD while a write. The power of music can sometimes be as powerful as books. I forget that sometimes.

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