Monday, April 19, 2010

Ruth Reichl and School Matters...

I discovered Ruth Reichl recently and have read and listened to all of her books since the last week in February. She combines my love of food and writing all into one. Her life reads like a Mary Karr memoir, though maybe not as dramatic. But, she sure has lots of entertainment thrown in there! She even did some cool spots for PBS where she goes to other countries and cooks/eats with the natives. Yummy! Check it out:
And, if you've only got a little bit of time, watch the Italian one!

On a more depressing note, our school district handed out 190 pink slips last week to new teachers. First time ever in my 20 years in this district. Then, I get an email that says I am needed for an all day meeting which I will refuse to attend. We handed out 190 pink slips, the administration is demanding teachers take a 4% pay cut, and they are STILL paying out thousands of dollars in substitutes for a program where we are told the same thing each time we go! I am so frustrated with the state of school funding in my area that I could puke! The public is "outraged" that we won't take a cut in pay, yet the school district has not done enough (IMHO) to really cut the fat. When will schools have the money they need? Why is school funding always on the chopping block?


The Book Chook said...

When will teachers be allowed to get on with what they do best, inspiring kids towards a love of learning?

Sending you positive vibes from across the waves.

Jen W. said...

Thanks, Susan! It's good to hear from you.