Monday, February 23, 2009

Beacuse I Am Furniture

I have a confession that won't surprise too many people since I'm an English teacher. I LOVE poetry. And, I ADORE novels told in poetry. I devoured (love that word-eating books imagery) Because I Am Furniture and it was more exciting than the Academy Awards! :)
Anke is in high school and at home her father abuses everyone but her. Her sister, brother and mother all suffer at the hands of what her friends term her "handsome" father. Anke just wants to be noticed for anything. She feels she has escaped her father's abuse because she's not worth abusing. This is a disturbing part of the novel, but it works in Anke's voice. Volleyball turns out to be Anke's outlet, and a good one at that (smacking the ball over the net, etc.). As Anke grows both physically and emotionally, she learns to find her voice and speak up against the wrongs she has witnessed for so much of her life. Even if this finally does gain the ire of her father, Anke knows she's done what an adult would do.

I felt like I was left wanting more of this book and I'd really love to see a sequel. I would characterize this as a sort of Sonya Sones meets Speak novel. The character of Anke is beautifully portrayed as she grows into her new body and emotions. I'm giving this to kids immediately.

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