Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Book Ramblings

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your TO BE READ pile? Currently, I am! Here are the books I really want to finish and can't seem to find the time to read with my busy household-

The Hunger Games by: Suzanne Collins (I did manage to listen to the last Gregor book and loved it, but the kids at school have been bugging me to finish this one so we can talk about it)

The Dragonfly Pool by: Eva Ibbotson (ever since Jen Robinson blogged about this book I 've seen it on many "best of 2008" lists. I was sucked in and am about 150 pgs. into it)

Flygirl by: Sherri L. Smith (sent to me as an ARC and it's been published already! Looks great but I haven't read anything about it anywhere else)

The Haunting of Derek Stone
by: Tony Abbott (this is a thin volume-1-that I was engrossed in immediately, but was at school and couldn't finish. It would only take an hour at most! I read about it on Ink Splot 26, a scholastic blog)

The Corrugated Castle
by: Joan Blos. I've loved other books she's written and I am currently reading this one aloud to my oldest who is learning lots about the gold rush in CA! My penchant for historical fiction seems to be rubbing off on her. It's not a fast moving adventure book, but the letter format has kept both of us reading and enjoying the life of Eldora.


The Graveyard Book by: Neil Gaiman. Even before it won the Newbery I wanted to read this book because it appeared on so many bloggers' must read list. Border's was out of it, and the public library had possibly a 6 month wait! So, I downloaded it from audible kids and transferred it to disc today. The ride to school was quite eerie with the opening scene and I must admit that I sat in my van trying to squeeze in more before I had to make the long cold trek to the school doors. I can't wait for tomorrow's drive!

Favorite Children's Books for the Twins:

Currently, the twins are way into Dr. Seuss and I think I've read Cat in the Hat about twenty times this week. That's okay, though! I'm happy to do it-

My personal favorites from Christmas are:

The Girl Inside the Castle Inside the Museum by:Kate Bernheimer and Nicoletta Ceccoli (absolutely GORGEOUS art!)

The Tear Thief by: Carol Ann Duffy and Nicoletta Ceccoli (not only is the art gorgeous, but the story is touching and calming for any child with tears)

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The Book Chook said...

I love Cat in the Hat, too, but maybe that's because I am not reading it 20 times a day! Have you ever seen those spoofs on Dr Seuss talk? Very clever.